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Standard: ASTM D93

 ◆Igniting method can be by electricity and gas option.

        ◆MCU controlled, igniting, detecting and judgment of flash point, printing automatically, large LCD          display

      ◆ Display test status in real time

      ◆Set the expected flash point, the highest flash point, ignition times, detection sensitive

      ◆Built-in barometer pressure sensor, it can be calibrated barometer pressure in test result according to      the measure barometer pressure

      ◆ Automatic lifts arm to the complete upright position after testing

      ◆Easy to remove the detection device by hand, and easy to repair and clea

      ◆The sliding plate that is on the test cup cover, which can be removed easily, and can be cleaned each       time, make the result more accuracy

 ◆The heating unit can be removed easily and easy to repair and change the sensor and heater

 ◆ Build-in thermal printer, the result can be printe

 ◆ LIMS can be connected