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The commissioning work has been successfully completed

In June 2016 and July, our technical staff gave up the Dragon Boat Festival vacation, regardless of the high temperature and hot weather, and went to Sinopec, Yunnan, Mengzi and Guangnan to debug and install 31 sets of equipment in two new oil depots, and successfully passed the inspection and acceptance.

Project overview:

For a long time, southern Yunnan, Mengzi, Wenshan, Yuxi City, the supply of refined oil, the oil depot has been from Kunming by rail or road transport to the local redistribution to each gas station, there are problems of long distance, timeliness is not strong.

(Queensland oil product pipeline)

In 2016, with the operation of the hundred hundred finished oil pipeline, the supply of refined oil resources in Yunnan was greatly improved and guaranteed, and the bottleneck of the railway oil transportation in Yunnan was further eased. At the same time, it greatly reduces the transportation costs of refined oil logistics in Yuxi, Honghe and Wenshan regions, and changes the transport capacity situation in the Southeast Yunnan. It is of great significance for speeding up the development of Yunnan's economy and society.

Mengzi oil depot test site photos:

Guangnan oil depot test site photos:

With the arrival of summer, more rain and hot weather, Dalian Kohap will overcome all difficulties, with consistently high quality, good reputation, provide the best service for our customers.