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Dalian Petroleum Instrument Co., Ltd and Shandong Qingyuan group (a subsidiary of Shandong Fang Yu Lubricating Oil Co. Ltd.) is a long-term friendly and cooperative partnership, December 2010, Shandong Fang Yu lubricating oil in Dalian oil equipment purchase engine apparent viscosity of DSY-125, after nearly 6 years of operation, in terms of performance parameters, the experimental instrument precision, standard, or links in the customer service service has been recognized by customers and praise, in July 2016, Shandong Fang Yu oil and our once again signed a purchase contract (including automatic distillation, viscosity, flash point, micro amount of residual carbon and a total of 20 instruments). In late July, our assigned area of full-time service engineers to Qingyuan group installation of the operator on the instrument structure, use and maintenance of professional training, explain. At present, all instruments have been debugged and used normally.